27 Sep 2016


Hi Bubs, we’ve all seen the Shampoo Prank alredy. but this time they take it to far. In this Video prank this prank elvove lots of shampoo and the POLICE? Enjoy!

25 Sep 2016

girl touches 100 penis

Hi Bubs, This time we bring you a girl that want to prove her Boyfriend she can touch 100 guys penis, Tell us what you think about it. will you allow her?

23 Sep 2016

Wedding is cancelled after bride filmed kissing another man

Hi Bubs, You can say it’s tragic or luck, but the fact is that this Wedding is cancelled. A man caught his bride to be KISSING another man in her pre wedding vacation.  

22 Sep 2016

Top 5 Selfie Fails

Hi Bubs, Selfie can be a dangerous thing. This is the Top 5 Selfie Fails Number 1 Source: reddit / whetz Number 2 Sourcer: reddit / Doctor_StrangeLuv Number 3 Source: reddit / Doctor_StrangeLuv Number 4 Source:  reddit / Thesteelman86 Number 5 Source: reddit / Tyrell2k

16 Sep 2016

New way to find husband in Russia

Hi Bubs, is there a New way to find husband in Russia? This is what those Russian girls did. In cold russian night, group of women got naked and ask money from the drivers. Apparently they asked for money as part of a course that helps them to find a

14 Sep 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone explodes in hands

Hi Bubs, In this days samrtphone can be dangerous thing. Sarah Crockett, 30, was seeting in coffee shop when her Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone explodes in her hands.

14 Sep 2016

Best Rugby Player in The World Is Just 8 Years Old

Hi Bubs, Rugby – rather you like it or not, you got to see this 8 Years Old  Rugby Player. This boy take this game to the next level and show what’s a real winner is.   The Marshawn Lynch of #Rugby 😳💪 #BeastMode (via @USASevensRugby) pic.twitter.com/zpKzvTx6Ec — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) 14

11 Sep 2016


Hi Bubs, This time we want to show something special the TOP 5 FITNESS BODYBUILDER GIRLS  

10 Sep 2016

stealing money from 93-year-old in wheelchair

Hi Bubs, This time on 5BUB, Some people just have no respact to anyone. An 93-tear old woman in wheelchair was Robbed. The thief stole from her 600$. He came from behind and with no shame, stole the money.

07 Sep 2016

The Mask – But The Real One

Hi Bubs, did you ever seen the movie “The Mask” with “Jim Carrey”? In this video you can see a girl putting some kind of beauty mask that really remined us the mask from the movie. Enjoy!